Team Development

We work with teams to develop and address challenges and opportunities, with a special focus on heightening awareness about communication differences and creating team communication norms. We begin the process by understanding goals and needed outcomes and then customize the approach and determine appropriate assessment tools. We meet in our conveniently located Washington, DC office or at the team’s office. Examples of recent team development programs include:

  • Used the MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) or DiSC to help team members understand and appreciate their teammates’ personality type and work style preferences and identify ways to more effectively work together.
  • Used a communication style preference assessment tool to help team members identify their preferred style of communicating and learn ways to leverage their style and flex or blend it with their teammates.
  • Used a Strengths Finders assessment tool to help team members understand their natural strengths and identify how individuals can apply and contribute their strengths to the overall team’s impact.
  • Used an Emotional Intelligence assessment tool (EQi 2.0) to help team members identify ways they can more effectively provide and receive effective feedback.

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