Our coaching is customized to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. We listen deeply to where you are right now and where you want to be and we partner with you to create the plans and take the steps to get there. While each coaching engagement is unique, we offer different coaching packages to meet individual and organizational needs:

1. Executive Coaching for Business and Nonprofit Leaders:  Typically leaders who have recently taken on new roles; senior level executives who need a confidential sounding board and thought partner; leaders who are feeling derailed; or leaders who want to address specific unproductive leadership behaviors or challenges benefit from this one-on-one coaching partnership. We help leaders identify their opportunities and their blind spots, and think through complex relationships and situations. A variety of assessments may be used depending on the need and desired outcomes. Coaching lasts between 3-12 months.

2. Executive Presence and Communications Coaching: This unique coaching program is particularly beneficial for leaders with strong content expertise, but less experience and success fine-tuning internal and external communications, and inter-personal relationship skills. It includes on-camera video-coaching with extensive feedback.  Coaching lasts between 2-6 months.

3. Team Coaching: This program is for organizational teams committed to improving individual and overall team effectiveness. It incorporates a unique focus on team communications. It includes assessment tools to identify the most effective individual team member communication styles and the most effective way to ensure team member agreement on goals and alignment on behaviors needed to reach the goals.

4. Group Coaching:  This program allows organizations to provide the benefit of  individual executive coaching to a group of leaders, such as rising leaders, new managers, or women leaders, at a significant lower cost. This scalable approach provides participants with coaching and the combined power of peer-to-peer learning. Depending on the group it includes a mix of 360 degree personal feedback , focused development plans, and in-person and phone group coaching sessions. Coaching lasts between 3-12 months.

5. First 100 Days Coaching for New Hires:  This 3-month program provides a coaching structure for making a new leader’s first 100 days on the job highly productive by quickly identifying organizational culture, opportunities for greatest impact, and areas where improvement is necessary.

6. Individual (self-funded) Coaching: This program is for individuals committed to exploring and expanding their professional and personal growth and examining what’s next in their lives. We provide the framework to help them cut through the clutter to map out and manage their best path. We know individuals have unlimited possibilities and responsibilities, and we help them define their focus to make the hard choices and organize priorities. This program is customized for the individual’s current needs and generally lasts between 3-9 months.

While each coaching engagement and coaching program is customized to meet your needs, our typical process includes the following steps:

  • Coach Match – We begin by identifying the right coach for you — you determine which coach best fits your needs, experience, and individual style.
  • Assessment – Next we get agreement on coaching issues, goals, and desired outcomes. Depending on what’s needed, we may use assessment tools, such as Myers-Briggs Personality Testing, 360 degree feedback, or another tool to help you learn more about yourself and where you are right now.
  • Planning – Then we create your coaching development plan that includes the agreed-upon goals, specific action steps, and a timeline.
  • Coaching – Now we move into the coaching phase. We meet regularly by phone or in-person for confidential coaching conversations. Between coaching sessions you may be asked to complete assignments, including recommended readings.
  • Evaluation – We will regularly review our progress to ensure that we are on track for reaching your goals. A closing assessment will be used to measure the effectiveness of our work together and make recommendations for ongoing success.

Our focus is always on supporting leaders in a confidential manner, while adding value to the organizations they serve. Contact us to discuss your coaching goals and learn more about our approach, pricing, expected outcomes, and availability.