We work closely with you to ensure your meeting’s success. We start by clarifying the needed outcomes and designing the best framework to get you there. Then we conduct the meeting while managing the group process so that the participants can devote their energy to the meeting content. We incorporate coaching and communication skills as we work to ensure that ideas are converted to actions.

Some examples of the kind of meetings we facilitate include:

  • Leadership conferences and off sites
  • Team-building sessions
  • Strategic planning sessions
  • Group conflict meetings
  • Employee/Member/Customer satisfaction committees

While each facilitation assignment is customized to the group’s needs, our facilitation process includes the following steps:

  • Help define goals: We meet with your key leaders to understand the meeting goals and current issues impacting participants.
  • Create agenda and design activities: We design your meeting to meet your goals. We often blend coaching methodology with leadership skill development for sustainability and group accountability.
  • Actively facilitate the meeting: We ensure all meeting objectives are met while allowing the group dynamics that surface to be professionally addressed.
  • Determine meeting follow-up needs: We follow up to ensure all action items are met and you are completely satisfied.

Contact us to discuss your facilitating goals and needs and how we can help.