Women’s Leadership

Our programs and presentations can be customized for in-house groups, open registration small groups, and presented at conferences around the world as one-time events or ongoing leadership development efforts. They include:

  • Aligning Confidence and Competence, an interactive workshop or presentation
  • Leading Women in Associations and Nonprofits, our premier small group training program that supports rising women leaders in associations and nonprofits
  • Hi-Potential Executive Coaching Program for Women Leaders: Contact us for details about customizing a program for your organization
  • Small Group Coaching/Learning Circles (for Women Cohorts of Between 3-6 Leaders): Contact us for details about creating a program for your organization



Aligning Confidence and Competence Program

Business women discussing in a meetingThis customizable interactive program takes a practical approach to moving the conversation about women leadership from the theoretical “barriers to success” to one focused on how women are tapping into and connecting their competence and confidence by using a four-part framework that relies on relationships, executive presence, strong skills and business results, and self-care. This program can be delivered as a 2-hour, half- or full-day presentation or interactive workshop.

Contact us re: how to customize for your group’s needs at info@CommMatters.com or call 703.417.9493



Leading Women in Associations and Nonprofits Leadership Development Program

Businesswomen looking at laptopWomen comprise 75% of the association and nonprofit workforce, but hold only 45% of the top leadership positions. This is often attributed to a confidence gender gap – and research shows that confidence correlates just as closely with success as does competence. Yet women tend to hold back, play smaller and safer, and not contribute as fully as they can. Even some of the most successful women don’t take credit for their accomplishments, but attribute it to “luck” or “hard work.”

Leading Women in Associations: A Leadership Development Program for Fine-Tuning Leadership Skills and Professional Presence is designed to help close this gap.

Created for association and other nonprofit women leaders, the program is for women at the mid-level manager and high-potential individual contributor levels.  Leading Women in Associations  is a premier, small group leadership development program aimed at empowering women by giving them the skills, tools, support and confidence to achieve their full leadership and management potential. 

The course is designed to:

  • enhance participants’ executive presence
  • leverage their individual strengths
  • identify potential blind spots

Participants gather in-person four times over a 12-week period for small group learning. In addition, each participant has four individual executive coaching sessions (one each month to follow up on the in-person session learning), and she participates in a monthly “peer coaching” cohort. This highly interactive course allows participants to take time away from their work to focus on learning new skills that they can implement immediately, and explore and share different leadership practices for greater long-term success.


  • Empower participants to view their current work opportunities for leadership as an ongoing journey that they can purposefully influence and shape.
  • Provide immediate support, improvement, and impact in their current association roles.
  • Expand their outlook by sharing information and experiences with others who possess different association roles and backgrounds.

Be part of a core group of strong, confident women leaders in associations making long-term professional connections.

The course covers the following four segments:WomenLeadersatWork

  1.  Defining who you are, how you come across to others, and learn how to leverage this self-awareness and identify blind-spots, gaps, and potential de-railers for long-term career success.
    Session includes MBTI and Strengths Finder assessment tools.  
  1.  Expanding our professional (executive) presence when you walk into a room, communicate to a broad range of stakeholders, and consistently deliver on your work.
    Session includes an executive presence audit tool for participant’s manager and colleagues to provide feedback. 
  1.  Learning not just how to network, but how to develop relationships that open the doors to a lifetime of professional success, including being mentored and mentoring others.
    Session includes a networking mapping tool and other resources for effective relationship building.
  1.  Crafting an individual strategic plan that includes specific actions to move forward and achieve career and personal goals.
    Participants leave with a plan they can implement over the next 12 months.

All programs are held at our convenient  Washington, D.C., office: 1717 K St, NW, Washington, DC or at your office. .

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Contact us for enrollment information or to customize a women’s leadership program for your organization:
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