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Communication Matters

Communication Matters is a highly-regarded Washington, DC-based executive coaching and training firm that helps association, nonprofit, and corporate leaders boost their effectiveness.

Communications & Executive Presence

Communications & Executive Presence

Communications and strong leadership presence are key. We help leaders at all levels in organizations develop.

Team Development

We partner with organizations and often incorporate assessment tools to tailor professional development programs that meet your team's specific needs.

Communicate Like an Executive

Our hands-on, intensive approach rapidly boosts leader effectiveness and appeal. We increase confidence and get rid of fear and anxiety.


“I’m following up after our presentation training session to say THANK YOU. I can honestly say, the time we spent with you was the most valuable professional development I have ever done. The team, which is typically a hard group to please, expressed the same.”

-Elizabeth “Beth” Davis, Director, US, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

“Engaging. Enlightening. Thought Provoking. Key words that sum up each coaching meeting with Carol. She continues to help me bridge the gap from where I am to where I want to be as a leader.”

-Michael Klein, EVP, Original Content, MTV

“Carol’s work with our organization has helped all our employees from the most junior to senior leadership polish up their communication skills. Her coaching goes beyond just the basics and into how to really connect with an audience. We would definitely recommend her to anyone.”

-Meg Murray, CEO, Association for Community Affiliated Plans

Customized Programs

Women's Leadership Registration: Ongoing

We are passionate about supporting and developing women leaders so that they can thrive in their current roles and be well positioned for future leadership ones. To address women's unique challenges and opportunities we offer several premier leadership and coaching programs.

Communications Training Registration: Ongoing

We offer communication skills coaching and training programs to help individuals and groups enhance communication and presentation skills and fine-tune executive presence. Our hands-on, intensive approach, including on-camera video coaching, rapidly boosts leader effectiveness and appeal.

Team Development Registration: Ongoing

We work with teams to strengthen their impact and effectiveness, with a focus on how they communicate. We are certified in and use assessment tools including: MBTI, DiSC, Emotional Intelligence, and Communication Styles Preference in half- or full-day team programs.

Serving leaders and teams in great organizations