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Coaching Programs

Our coaching helps you become a better leader. We know leadership and we will customize a program to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. We listen deeply to where you are right now and where you want to be and partner with you to create the plans and take the steps to get there.

I was a coaching client of Carol’s for a few years as I climbed the leadership ladder. She weaved her intelligence, patience, warmth, support, insight, kindness, strength, and professionalism into each coaching session. I owe part of my success to Carol.

Elena Gerstmann, PhD
Executive Director, INFORMS

Carol helped me reframe challenges in a way that solutions could be identified and implemented. She’s personable, caring, and passionate about helping her clients achieve their goals. She has made me a better communicator, a better leader, and a better employee.

Linda Moore
Senior Director, ESPN

While each coaching engagement is unique, we offer different coaching programs to meet individual and organizational needs. Coaching typically lasts between 3-9 months and may include: supervisor input and 360-degree feedback, assessment tools (i.e., DISC, MBTI, Emotional Intelligence, Strengths Finder, Communication Style Preferences), and other customized resources.

  • Executive Presence and Communications Coaching: Our anchor coaching program is particularly beneficial for already successful rising and senior leaders committed to aligning their competency and expertise with fine-tuning their leadership voice, perfecting their executive presence and stepping fully into their personal and professional success.
  • Executive Coaching for Leaders: Our one-on-one coaching program is customized to meet the coaching client and organization’s specific development opportunities or challenges, such as a leader who has recently taken on a new role or is preparing for “next level” leadership, a senior level executive who needs a confidential sounding board and thought partner, or a leader who is feeling derailed and wants to address specific unproductive leadership behaviors or challenges. We help leaders leverage their strengths and opportunities for greater success and identify their blind spots – all in a totally confidential manner.
  • Team Coaching: This program is for teams committed to improving individual and overall team effectiveness, with an emphasis on how teams communicate. We use team assessment tools and proven team management frameworks to help teams agree on communication norms and align their behaviors.
  • Group Coaching: This program helps organizations provide the benefits of individual executive coaching to a group of leaders within the same organization, such as high-potential leaders, women leaders, or new managers, at a significant lower cost. This scalable approach combines the power of coaching with peer-to-peer learning.
  • Individual (self-funded) Coaching: This program is for individuals committed to exploring and expanding their professional and personal growth and examining what’s next for them. We provide the framework to help them cut through the clutter to map out and manage their best path for greater success and happiness. We know individuals have unlimited possibilities and responsibilities, and we help them define (and sometimes refine) their focus to accelerate their success and stand out from the rest.

Our process equips you with the tools and “mind shifts” to become a better leader. While our coaching is customized to meet your needs, our process typically includes:

  • Coach Match: We begin by identifying the right coach for you. You determine which coach best fits your needs, experience, and individual style.
  • Assessment Process: Next we get agreement on coaching issues, goals, and desired outcomes. Depending on what’s needed, we may use assessment tools, such as MBTI, 360, or other tools to help you learn more about yourself and where you are right now.
  • Planning: Then together we create your coaching development plan that includes the agreed-upon goals, specific action steps, and a timeline.
  • Coaching: Now we move into the coaching phase. We meet regularly, virtually or in-person, for confidential coaching conversations. Between coaching sessions, you might be asked to complete assignments, including recommended readings.
  • Evaluation: We will regularly review our progress to ensure we are on track to reach your goals. We close by measuring the effectiveness of our work together and make recommendations for ongoing success.

Our focus is always on supporting leaders in a confidential manner, while adding value to the organizations they serve. Contact us at info@CommMatters.com or call 703.407.3575 to discuss your coaching goals and learn more about our approach, pricing, assessment tools, expected outcomes, and availability.


We work with teams to develop and address management and leadership challenges and opportunities, with a special focus on heightening awareness about communication and work style differences.

Carol provided an engaging and informative onsite training with our department leadership team. She clearly understands the unique opportunities of working in the association management space. I was also impressed with the preparation work Carol did to fully understand our team members and what motivates them, and how she made sure each team member felt heard and connected to the process.

Jamie Moesch
Managing Director, Educational Activities, IEEE

I can honestly say, the time we spent with you was the most valuable professional development I have ever done. The team, which is typically a hard group to please, expressed the same.

Elizabeth “Beth” Davis
Director, US, Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)

By helping teams create “norms” for how they communicate and work together, we ensure consistency in how they manage and show-up as leaders in the organization. Virtual or in-person customized programs include:

  • Put Your Strengths to Work Deliberately; Leverage Your Strengths & Minimize Your Weaknesses for Greater Team Success: this program uses a strengths assessment tool to provide individual and team insights into how best to apply strengths for greater shared success.
  • Fine-Tune Team Communications for Greater Impact and Effectiveness: this program uses a communication style assessment tool to provide team members with information about their preferred communication style as well as others’ and supports the team in identifying best practices and creating team communication norms. Focus areas often include, giving feedback and handling conflict.
  • Build Your Leadership Management Muscles: this program uses an “Inside Out” approach for leading self, leading teams, and leading organization-wide and delves into specific management competencies such as setting expectations and creating accountability.
  • Five Functions of a Highly Functional Team: this program uses a team management assessment and framework for helping team members identify areas for shared focus and growth.
  • Build Greater Team Trust and Understanding: using a MBTI or DISC assessment tool, team members gain greater understanding and appreciation for differences in their teammates' personality type and work style preferences and identify ways to more effectively work together.

Contact us to discuss your team development needs and goals at info@CommMatters.com or call 703.407.3575


Effective communications is career currency. Our customized training programs will help your leaders and teams focus on specific communication goals to influence and drive meaningful change.

Carol Vernon has a unique ability to connect in a meaningful and constructive way — both in a classroom setting, as well as individually. She provides our students with the communication skills they need to speak and present themselves professionally.

Patricia Russo
President, Campaign School at Yale University

Carol’s work with our organization has helped all our employees from the most junior to senior leadership polish up their communication skills. Her coaching goes beyond just the basics and into how to really connect with an audience. We would definitely recommend her to anyone.

Meg Murray
CEO, Association for Community Affiliated Plans

We help enhance and heighten the impact of formal and informal communications including, executive communication skills, presentation skills, management communication challenges (i.e., conflict, feedback) and team communications. Typically, our virtual programs are 2.5 hours and our in-person programs are half-days. Our most popular programs include:

  • Communicate at the Executive-Level
  • Leverage Your Individual and Team Communication Styles for Greater Success
  • Deliver and Receive Effective Workplace Feedback
  • Fine-Tune Your Communications to Project a More Powerful and Confident Presence
  • Build a Stronger Leadership Voice: this program focuses on the five key principles of a strong leadership voice: speak up - leaders need to be heard, leverage your communication style, fine-tune your nonverbal language skills, get and stay on message, practice active listening
  • Presentation Skills Small Group Training with On-camera Video Coaching and Feedback
  • Align Your Executive Presence and Confidence
  • Communicate Your Leadership Coaching Skills

Contact us to discuss your communication training needs and goals at info@CommMatters.com or call 703.407.3575

Women Leadership

We are passionate about supporting and developing women leaders so that they can thrive in their current roles and be well positioned for future success.

Carol has created a very effective women’s leadership development co-hort program in which we have had several participants. The feedback has been overwhelming positive, making a direct correlation between that experience and their success. I would highly recommend Carol to anyone looking to see himself or herself more clearly, understand their impacts on others, build more effective relationships and achieve their career goals.

Alethia Baggett
Chief Human Resources Officer, American Bankers Association

The confidence I’ve gained in my ability to impact my organization has increased significantly! I’ve always known that I need to step-up my communications, my network, my plan for my success, but being part of your structured program really helped me focus on myself and all I want to make happen in my career!

Trade Association Senior Director and recent participant in our Leading Women in Associations Professional Development Program

We offer several leadership and coaching programs unique to the challenges and opportunities facing women:

We can customize our programs and presentations for in-house groups, open registration small groups, and conferences around the world as one-time events or ongoing leadership development efforts.

Contact us to discuss your group's needs at info@CommMatters.com or call 703.407.3575

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