15 March 2019

Clover Insights on Cultural Differences

Celebrating and appreciating our similarities and differences in the workplace is a great way to bring people together. Holidays, inspired by cultural festivities such as St. Patrick’s Day, offer a good opportunity for teams to consider the cultural differences in their workplaces. Differences show up in big and small ways. How can we focus our...
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13 February 2019

Love The One You’re With

“Would I rather be feared or loved? Umm…easy, both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me.” – Michael Scott, The Office Though Michael Scott may not be what is traditionally called a “great leader,” he may have some insight into how to best lead a team. A recent study by...
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14 December 2017

Year-End Communication Tips

How you show up at the end of the year is just as important as how you show up at the beginning of the year. In December there are usually more opportunities to connect with colleagues (think office holiday party), as well as with family and friends. Although the content and tone differ depending on...
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21 June 2016

Powerful Speaking

I spent last week with 80 women from around the world. These women are committed to making change in their communities. As the communications coach at the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University, I had the privilege of coaching these women to speak up, speak out, and speak powerfully. The ability to communicate is a...
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28 January 2016

Communicate Like an Executive

How we communicate has a direct impact on our career success and is the most visible sign of our leadership presence. Study after study confirms this. I’ve seen it play out many times both as a coach to C-level and rising leaders, and in the organizations I worked in earlier in my career. Our use...
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14 December 2015

Creating Your 2016 Personal Strategic Plan

I think for all of us this time of year is really busy — wrapping up business while also wrapping up plans, and presents, for the holidays. It's easy to get caught up in all the activity, the must-do's and the should-do's. When things slow down and you're able to focus on you, I recommend finding some quiet, uninterrupted time to do your own personal strategic plan for 2016.

What People Are Saying

"Carol Vernon facilitated one of our Board’s Strategic Planning sessions with great success. I am amazed at what she was able to help the group produce." We will use her again. -Elizabeth B. Armstrong, President, Professional Organizations Division, Association and Society Management International, Inc