30 October 2013

What’s Your Story?

As simple as it sounds, one of the challenges my clients often ask help on is figuring out how to tell stories – and how to tell them in a way that connects with other people. Lots of corporations use stories to connect with their customers – think Kashi cereal commercials featuring their employees traveling...
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17 September 2013

Are you having the Real Conversation?

Too often we find ourselves talking around issues.  For lots of reasons we leave meetings without saying what has to be said — and then we engage in the ‘side conversation’.  Perhaps you’ve experienced the side conversation:  ‘Can you believe what just happened in that meeting?’  Rather than speaking up, we rely on the side...
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31 July 2013

Fake it or Make it?

I’m bothered by the idea of ‘fake it till you make it’ – seems insincere, not smart, not sustainable.  But in Lean In Sheryl Sandberg cites research done in 2010, and published in Psychological Science, that says there’s some science behind this strategy. “One study found that when people assumed a high-power pose (for example,...
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30 April 2013

What’s Your Preferred Communication Style?

Organizations talk frequently about the importance of their employees working together.  The reality is that working together doesn’t always work well — working with others isn’t easy and teamwork isn’t natural for some people.  But being able to build strong, effective, working relationships with team members is often the determining factor for both an individual,...
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21 March 2013

Do You Leverage Your Strengths?

Think back to your last performance review. What do you remember most — the feedback on what you did really well or the feedback on what you didn’t do so well?  If you’re like 81% of the workforce, you focus more on your weaknesses and don’t give much thought to how you can use more...
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07 February 2013

Do People Know How Good You Are?

Lots of smart people believe they shouldn’t have to say how good they are — people should just get it; their results should speak for themselves.  Many of these same folks can’t stand the idea of touting their accomplishments.  It seems like bragging to them, completely self-serving and unnecessary.  And besides that, it takes time...
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What People Are Saying

"This has been an incredible opportunity to step back, learn about myself in ways I've not focused on before, and think about how to use this information to get better at my work and plan for my long-term career goals." Fall 2014 Cohort LEADING WOMEN IN ASSOCIATIONS Participant